What is HPL?

The HPL project is an open source project whose primary goal is to enable users to write, debug and maintain computer programs written in Hebrew using an execution engine and Hebrew IDE.

The Hebrew programs will be translated to PHP scripts written in English and later executed by the PHP language engine.

Users will be able to use an easy, user friendly, Hebrew API identical to PHP's English API- in order to write their programs. The output will also be parsed, and the user will receive an output matching the one he would have gotten had PHP supported Hebrew commands!

PHP was chosen as a programming language, because it is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development. We felt it would be convenient to programming novices (as well as experienced programmers) to use this non strict language's API.

XPL? The next step?
In addition, we hope HPL could serve as the basis for other projects in other languages. This could enable programmers to share code even though each one writes in his own language.
Why is HPL needed?
With the lack of a useful and user friendly programming language in Hebrew, young computer users are not able to experience programming until learning English. We can answer that need. We will give young users the opportunity to learn basic programming concepts, and develop small web applications; thus raising a generation of children who will not be afraid of computers, and will have basic understanding of how programming languages work.

Even older users, who know English, often find themselves intimidated by the English interface of programming languages. This project will allow them to get their hands on writing a program using their familiar mother tongue.

If developed wisely, the project can be the basis that will enable other open source developers to translate this PHP interface to their mother tongue requiring minimal effort.