01/11/2003 - New version avaliable- 1.0.2

 The new version has a lot of bug fixes, and supports a variety of new functions! We also added a Hebrew user guide to the HPL language.


30/10/2003 - New version avaliable- 1.0.1 version

 You are welcome to inspect our first stable version! It includes bug fixes and sample programs!


22/10/2003 - New version avaliable- Beta version

 This version is much more stable. In addition, it includes a whole new parser engine. Enjoy! We would love to hear from you!


16/10/2003 - New version avaliable- Alpha version

 An initial version is avaliable. Please note that this version is intended only to demonstrate what we believe is possible to achieve.


05/10/2003 - APL Project!

 We would like to welcome Girma! He will be responsible for the Amharic version of HPL! We wish him good luck with the project!


19/09/2003 - New website is up

The New HPL website is up. You are welcome to send your remarks/ bug reports to us!

07/09/2003 - Project layout is ready

The project now has 2 teams working on it simultaneously.

Team1 will develop the 1st module, a binary executable that will accept the user's input file, and translate it to an English PHP program. This binary will also produce any additional data that may be required to run the program on the PHP engine. In addition the binary will detect syntax errors in the Hebrew script.

Team2 will develop the 2nd module, an IDE in which the programmer will be able to write Hebrew scripts, and will use the 1st module binary to execute the program on the PHP engine. The module will have to handle errors returned by the PHP engine, and will have to translate them to Hebrew. It will also have to design a framework for editing and debugging of these scripts.

Remark: the second module will probably be developed as a plugin for eclipse and not from “scratch”.